Irish Census 2016 will confirm a 130 year trend… the population share shift to Dublin/Leinster - and to the detriment of Ireland.
It’s time the issue was debated, understood and addressed!

It is quite staggering that there has been no debate on the population share shift toward the Dublin/Leinster Region. Are our politicians, media and strategists not noticing it, or just ignoring it?

Every single census for the last 130 years (since 1881) has seen a population share shift from the Rest of Ireland to Dublin/Leinster. It is certain the 2016 Census will see a continuation of this trend – and to the detriment of all of Ireland.

Dublin/Leinster now accounts for 55% of the population of the Republic of Ireland. To put the extent of the imbalance into perspective, the greater London area only accounts for 16% of England’s population.

These figures are a stark indictment of the failed policies of successive Governments to understand, tackle and implement a real regional development strategy.

It is now time that facts like these are openly debated, the consequences understood and imaginative and impactful solutions implemented. Token initiatives will not suffice.

The consequences of this level of imbalance are already well in play, to the detriment of all of Ireland. On the one hand you have issues of over-concentrated development – resulting in congestion and related issues, with billions required to alleviate them; on the other hand, and partly as a consequence, you have unrealised potential throughout the rest of Ireland.

Ireland needs both a growth and, importantly, a growth absorption policy with targets - to deliver more balanced growth throughout ALL its regions.


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