About Ireland’s Atlantic Way

Atlantic Way 2005

Ireland’s Atlantic Way was established in 2005 as a movement of close to 500 members working in indigenous and multinational business, education, chambers of commerce, community organisations, local government and development agencies. Its ambition was to optimise the synergies of all sectors by driving forward an agreed agenda for co-ordinated and joined-up development, with the ambition of creating a region of international scale and significance, and of proven excellence. 

Atlantic Way helped to influence and bring about some notable developments, including those listed further below.

(The Atlantic Way is not to be confused with the wonderful new ‘Wild Atlantic Way’ tourism initiative, which the Atlantic Way encouraged and supports).


Atlantic Way 2015 - Ten Years On

The Atlantic Way group achieved some success. However, the Region, for all its great merits, still needs to significantly advance to be a region of international scale and significance.

Practically, this will only be achieved when Ireland greatly increases its focus on Regions – empowering and supporting them to develop and implement high-level strategies in order to create competitive advantage and fully utilise Regional assets. If Ireland doesn’t adopt this approach, then there is going be a continuance of under-development in parts of Ireland (relative to potential) and over-concentration of development in parts of Ireland, most notably Dublin. This will slow overall economic and regional progress and will also mean a huge price will need to be paid to alleviate the resultant congestion in the areas of over-concentration.

Our ambition now is to encourage the empowerment and development of the Atlantic Way Region as an economic corridor, building on successful roll-out of the Wild Atlantic Way.


Earlier Achievements

Shannon International Airport

      The Atlantic Way worked to influence and to help bring about:

      • An Independent Shannon Airport - free to chart its own future
      • The realignment of local agencies
      • The Limerick City/County boundary realignment 
      • Completion of the M18 Motorway
      • Rail links between Limerick-Ennis-Galway - connecting two major cities
      • Completion of the Passenger Customs & Border Protection facilities at Shannon Airport - the first in Europe
      • The roll out of the Wild Atlantic Way tourism initiative
      • Increased collaboration between Atlantic Way members



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